The Emperor and the Nightingale, November 2016 (Theatre By The Lake, Keswick)

“…a genuinely affecting nightingale, brought to life by the evocative vocals and puppetry skills of Amy Gardyne”

Stephen Longstaffe, The Stage

“The nightingale is brought to life by Amy Gardyne, whose voice is beautifully haunting.”

“…a special mention has to go to Amy Gardyne, who played the Nightingale. This involved gliding round the stage while brilliantly activating the puppet bird in her hand and singing various soulful songs.

She made this look incredibly easy – which it cannot have been. Her captivating performance meant we were all won over by the nightingale, which may sound heavenly but really isn’t a looker – think plain, brown, garden bird.

At another point in the production the multi-talented Amy was playing an oboe and doing a few cartwheels.”

News & Star

Murder on the Terrace, August 2016 (Heartbreak Productions)

“Amy Gardyne has some excellent one liners as Ellie, the Cava’s hapless maid, and also impresses as Lady Caroline, Lord Cava’s daughter.”

The Tempest, June 2016 (Heartbreak Productions)

“Amy Gardyne is a joy as Miranda, likewise Darryl Hughes as Ferdinand. There’s real chemistry between these lovely young things … Gardyne also makes for a sparky Ariel”

Sheffield Telegraph

Love’s Labour’s Lost, August 2015 (Heartbreak Productions)

“Amy Gardyne should also be noted for her contrastingly subtle and kindly Maria, as well as a clever but humble Moth. Gardyne was softly spoken, cheerful, and understated in both roles and provided a refreshing and more astute style of acting”

Emma, July 2015 (Heartbreak Productions)

“Gardyne captures the spirit of the interfering, benevolent and ill-judging heroine, who wins our hearts in the more serious if fanciful happy ending.”

The Collector, 21 March 2015 at The Space Arts Centre (Blink. Theatre)

“a really varied and dynamic performance that keeps you interested and hooked.”

“Amy Gardyne’s performance grows in power throughout the piece. …. Miranda grows crazier by the day as she begins to get affected with loneliness and lack of sunlight and that is very well captured in Gardyne’s performance. She is bold on stage and beautifully portrays the liveliness and passion in Miranda’s personality.”